– the whole world can see there is something different about you…. ?

When you are chaos and worry.. the whole world can feel that about you too.

There is this moment with my clients that is a HUGE milestone.. 
? It’s one I cherish more than any other…. ?

It’s the moment they understand it is about BEING who they are meant to be… and not about how they do it.

It is about being the fire that everyone wants to stand around to warm up.

It’s telling yourself the truth.
It’s trusting that you can handle everything that comes your way.
It’s letting everyone around you, that you have given the role of making you happy – OFF THE HOOK and doing your work.

It’s the releasing of the “magical pill” that will bring magical success.

The work is the work.

Your work is your work, my work is my work.

It’s learning how TO LISTEN rather than hear.
It’s focusing on your VISION rather than just seeing.

It’s integrity
truth telling
failure & going again

It’s feeling the pain fully
It’s opening your heart to the hope and possibility

Life is meant to be lived, felt, experienced… not figured out.

When my clients shift from being in their head.. which only leads to scarcity and fear.. and shift into BEING… I hear it the second they get in the phone with me.

The work is to rewire your brain to back your dreams.
This is the specific work we are doing in The Alpha Evolution.

The woman who tells the truth, looks it dead in the eye, feels it, releases it and shows up big.

The woman who chooses unlimited potential, unlimited growth and expansion rather than… “just get to my goal.. just reach my goal this month!”

The woman who takes the hit, doesn’t budge and feels herself strengthen inside.

The woman who celebrates herself, her life, her loved ones, her accomplishments because she knows thats how to expand the good… TY GOD MORE OF THAT!

The woman who has released entitlement and recognizes this is the opportunity of a lifetime… she has one shot to create her dream life and she’s taking it .. ALL IN.

The woman who hears soul say… THIS WAY… and she steps… this way… and she steps… now this way… and she steps.. STOP. NO, and she stops. put’s it down.

THE WOMAN WHO KNOWS…. IF SHE COULD SHOW UP BIGGER IN AN EMERGENCY… than she can show up bigger period.

The woman willing to take brave, bold action because she understand excellence is abnormal and requires abnormal actions.

21 days of a full inner evolution to stoke the fire that warms the world.

This is a journey of truth telling, healing, releasing, expanding and results.

I will see you in the group.

love you
Mandy xx