5& 6/21 #21dayevolution - Mandy Perry

I’m grateful I was so cautious…. said no 95 year old ever. ?


Day 5 Sunday June 9

– unloaded and set up all new dishes
– Booked a date w a local man

– Went through all my music lists and got rid of all the songs I skip every day

– Set up underwear/ bra drawer organizers.
– Set up jewelry organizers
– Ordered new earrings
– Ordered new necklaces
– Refreshed my wealth bad-assery on a 3 hour training
– Launched new program – absolute fireeeeee

Day 6 Monday June 10

– Beginning to feel the new level of fire coming back into my body

– Writing fire for my tribe.. soul awakened to this new capacity.

– Worked all day because I just wanted to – #einsteinvibes lol classical music blasting – created a new 3 day free masterclass

– Got oak tree & both palm trees on my property trimmed.

– Booked 2 estimates for the book shelves in my library EEeeekkk!

– Journaled and talked to my support about my mothering.. about what I felt was stopping me from having that how I wanted it.

– Decided and finalized on a new business structure for my business WOOT!

– Went out to dinner with a boy – zero resistance to dating locally anymore. BOOM #missionaccomplished #itsajourney