>> You are not messy - THIS HAS JUST BEEN HARD. - Mandy Perry

>> You are not unsuccessful – THIS HAS JUST BEEN A SEASON OF GROWTH preparing you for the biggest role life has ever asked you to play.

>> You are NOT A BAD MOM, this has just been the most trying circumstances EVER.

>> You are not unworthy, you are just CALIBRATING to your new level every single day, rising more and more every day

You are either strengthening or enjoying.
The rest is mischief… the rest is a pretend boogie man scaring us.

In this moment – it is hard – and you are strengthening…
In this moment you are enjoying LIFE fully.

BOTH are reasons to be flooded with joy from head to toe.
Both are FOR YOU.
Both are what it feels to be ALIVE.

EVERYTHING ELSE is a waste of your precious time.


Day 7 Tuesday June 11 #21dayevolution

– Told a brave truth

– Changed over all my hangers to the new velvet ones

– Got my new keyboard set up!

– Launched new free 3 day masterclass

– Set up piano and vocal lessons! Eek!

– Hired a guy to look at how hundreds of little ants end up in my POOL

– Created a Launch schedule for my team!

– Got the internet upgraded

– 1:1’s, ran my groups – loved every secondddd

– Team meeting

– Scorch workout ?️‍♀️

– Went out to Sarasota downtown to some new restaurants!


FREE 3 day masterclass!!
I cannot wait!
This is going to be unbelievably powerful ?