YOU CAN HANDLE IT ❤️❤️ - Mandy Perry

❤️ You CAN handle the feeling of anticipation.

❤️ You CAN handle not knowing.

❤️ You can RISK it for love, for success, for purpose, for your loved ones…

❤️ You can handle any emotion & feeling that comes up.

You wont do it perfectly, and that is why we go AGAIN

It’s been amazing watching how some men can handle not knowing where a meeting is going next.
Maybe they throw everything at you right from the get go and see if you can “handle it” …. maybe they start getting jumpy about if you’re speaking to other men … maybe they start telling you all the things they demand…

Other men hold back because they are afraid they will get hurt. They just hold back and keep themselves in this nice, safe comfort zone and wait for the woman to lead.

Other men are just open and let it go where it’s going to go with no need to control or hold back.


– Hold back, never go all in, afraid it won’t work… anticipate the pain and hold back. Nice and comfy.

– Go all in (or not) and try to control every little area and never allow in proper support… hyper focus on each little thing working or not… making things a big deal rather than just showing up your BEST today, then your BEST tomorrow and on and on.

– Go all in, expect and anticipate amazing things and release what the journey looks like to get there, knowing no mater what happens you got this and will have amazing memories or epic lessons.

It’s not just in wealth creation but in EVERY area of our lives. Mothering, love, coaching, business, leadership, friendships, fun….

The real work is to BECOME the woman who trusts herself to handle the emotions that you anticipate may happen while shifting to expecting amazing things.

Can you just imagine for a moment how ridiculously powerful you will be with this skill built in??? ?❤️?
How amazing your results will be in every area you focus on? ?

You take brave, consistent action because you aren’t afraid you can’t handle what happens… and you do this day after day and an entirely new life is built.

I would not ignore this work… and I would not push it off one more day, one more hour, one more second. Not one more second. ??

love you
Mandy xx

The Alpha Evolution
21 Days to Limitless Expansion

The Alpha Evolution is a process of becoming the person who creates limitless potential:

An Alpha is in her core power and therefor attracts those in their core power… in ALL areas of life. This is when you begin to have the experience of life where others show up and do their work around you. They invest, do the work and create powerful results themselves.

She trusts herself to handle any emotion and situation that comes her way as she creates her DREAMS.

She GOES first. She knows who she is here to serve, and what results she’s here to create and SHE STEPS FIRST knowing that it’s when she leads that the results are created.

She is seen as a leader because she takes consistent, BRAVE, imperfect action and creates powerful results that she can lead others to

She’s driven by a deep longing to ENJOY life, and serve those she loves.

She believes her ability to achieve is limitless.
She knows she is worthy of enjoying ALL life has to offer.
She honors her deep longings, uses them as a road map to her most powerful expression of life.

She has the kind of integrity that changes the world, and has a standard that all things in her life must contribute to her showing up this way.

Her standards are reflective of where she is going – not where she is.

She’s willing to do the work and BASKS in the rewards every step of the way.

She uses every heart beat to learn, expand, lead, teach, and ENJOY.

The journey is:
Developing the courage to take action on EVERY powerful idea and prompting you get.

Strengthening to the point that you no longer fear not being able to handle anything that may come your way.

Creating a core of pure heart that takes over when the going gets rough… when you are squeezed PURE WILL drives you.

Maturing the parts of you resisting the growth and expansion.

Knowing your worth is your worth simply because you exist. NO RULES, no JUSTIFICATIONS, no EXPLANATION necessary.

This is the work we are doing on this 21 day evolution.
This is journey of the leader.
This is the Alpha Evolution.

Raw.. Unfiltered.. Authentic.. Intentional.. Evolution.
21 Days – Limitless Expansion

I will see you in the group ❤

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Love you
Mandy xx


Day 8/21 #21dayevolution

– Ant man came – sprayed

– Bookshelf man chosen and hired to build my library!

– Felt a piece of me feeling so loved and taken care of in my life right now heal, cried happy tears.

– Spent the day with my clients

– Spent an hour listening to brain waves and doing nothing at all

– Spent another hour out on the deck feeling and watching the storm roll in

– Told a couple people things I really feel grateful for

– WAS SOOO tempted to tell Bailey I am home and to come homeeeeee eeeeeee.

– Sat by the pool and felt the storm rolling in – felt the wind on my skin.

– Reviewed interviews and topics

– Went on a date – IN THE CITY – and DROVE myself – PARKED by myself – found restaurant BY MYSELF… wearing my new shoes ))