Day 9/21 #21DayEvolution  - Mandy Perry

?? It’s a life of OUR dreams or die trying. No room for holding back. No room for being afraid. No room for analyzing and why’s. #itsallheartfromhere ??

– FEEL MYSELF UP LEVELED as a woman. Damn it feels good too. Feel laser focus coming on. ??

– Finished up a bunch of random odd and end things (Taxes from car in RI, etc)

– Floated nude in my pool in the rain 
– Ran my group programs

– Scheduled dance lessons

– Found new amazing piano music (Listen to Brian Crane – A Road to Rome )

– Celebrating for the 60+ people waiting to get into the Masterclass!

– Sent out some gifts to people on my heart.
– Shopped for my new niece coming!
– Stayed up dancing to piano music with a friend

Let the fire keep bubbling inside ?
My heart is very much with my children and keep reminding myself THIS IS ALL FOR THEM. There all no rules Mandy- you know what’s right better than anyone in the world for them. #carryon

THIS WAS NEVER ABOUT NORMAL. This was always about limitlessness. This was always about epic. This was always about changing generations. This was always about FULL stops and FULL starts.