10/21 #21dayevolution - Mandy Perry

You get to have the experience of life that you want. No rules apply. NONE. It’s safe to follow your soul longings. ❤️??


Spent the day blasting Mozart and drawing out my NEW dream life. The new successful single woman life.

I noted what I had accomplished already and has now been up leveled.. and what is next.

I have purged my life, inside and out..

I have begun piano lessons, vocal lessons and dance lessons. (I do believe golf is next in the menu.)

I have explored Sarasota and found some new amazing places, connected with new friends and people. Oprah’s shows, kayaking, sunset bars, the best ethnic restaurants, etc

I have officially become a savvy dater in this century… I know what I like and what I want.

I have reorganized my entire company and am obsessed with what I am creating now.??

And I literally cannot wait for the kids to come home for me to calibrate them to this new life with me. ?#blessed

I went out with friends, watched a sunset in the rain with a storm rolling in on the ocean, and played with frogs lol

Nothing quite as earth moving as a woman who is clear what she wants and what she’s creating. ?