Yes you need to have money goals… AND… stop making that THE GOAL…. hear me out… this will feel like OXYGEN.

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love…

So if your drive to be successful at your business is simply to reach a $ goal so that you can pay your bills and finally feel better…. YOU WILL FEEL EXHAUSTED.

The shift is this…
“Pursue the things you LOVE doing, and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” (M. Angelou)

1. The focus is DOING WHAT WE LOVE TO DO… and expanding our capacity to be able to do it better and bigger. The BI-PRODUCT is financial abundance. MASSIVE financial abundance. THIS IS VERY DIFFERENT than trying to make $ for the sake of making $… Trying to figure out what to BE to make $. (Hell noooo)

BEING brings in the financial overflow.

2. Do what we love WITH EXCELLENCE. So many people are doing TONS of crap that never needed to be done. They are doing it in hopes to figure out what they can do to make the $. It’s all ass backwards.

My sacred work is to help you become clear enough to focus your energy, time and resources to be BRAVE enough to BACK YOUR DREAM LIFE… which means building your DREAM business that ALIGNS with this!!!

When you see how fast break-through happens when you do this correctly your head will spin. Then we back these simple needle movers with everything we have.

We negotiate with our bodies to dig deep BECAUSE we are actually BEING who we long to be and creating what we long to have.

Nothing else will bring BOTH WEALTH & HAPPINESS. Period.
This is not negotiable.

I will not trade happiness for wealth – but I will not trade wealth for familiarity.

IF YOU ARE DOING THIS>>>> do it right. You deserve to have the life of your dreams, and to feel EXCITED about your business and what it is creating!!!

Love you
mandy xx
We begin July 15th!

THIS IS THE HOW for your business.

I have poured my heart and soul into this program… and I am bringing HIGH LEVEL trainings for you guys so you will know exactly how to do the money making tasks with excellence… and also have the confidence to STOP doing all the BS that never needed to be done.

Do not be fooled by the VERY LOW PRICE.
I am holding nothing back.


>> Designing YOUR Dream Business –
This week we build a foundation to get REALLY clear how your business is an extension of you and your values.. and how to be sure you are designing your dream life through your business as we scale you in the coming weeks.

>> Your True Message –
We are going to season out your most powerful message tapping into your power to speak to your audience in a way that is a beacon for others in their power… who are ready to invest and do the work.

>> Blogging That Sells & is Authentically YOU –
How to create posts that feel like massive amounts of value for your audience but also SELL in a way that makes them feel loved. Also, how to utilize and repurpose the content on every platform.

>> The Art of Sales With HEART –
How to sell DAILY, and make money DAILY while loving your audience and making them feel super important and special.

>> Social Engagement & Tribe Building –
How to call in your dream clients, at the level you want, who do the work, invest and follow through, and shout you from the rooftops. And how to build amazing engagement from your audience on all platforms. This is truly DOING LIFE TOGETHER with your tribe.

>> Enrollment for Low & High End Offers –
How to powerfully sell high end in a loving way. that calls your audience to more.. and how to sell low end in a way that is inclusive for everyone.

>> How to Create & Sell GROUPS Online!
I am going to teach you how I come up with all of the ideas and walk you through every step of the process from bell to whistle of creating and selling my online groups. I will show you EVERYTHING in this training!

>> How to Master Your Social Platforms –
IG & IG Stories – How to build a following, get engagement, up-level the look of your IG & how to sell on IG
FB, FB Lives, FB Stories (groups, personal and business) How to have content for each, and what to post where & when.
YouTube – How to utilize FB and FB Lives to create a YouTube page with ease. How to sell from YouTube.

This isn’t about repeating some mantra.. this is true deep alignment with Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment and WEALTH. LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFE through your business isn’t a luxury – it is ESSENTIAL. Let’s do this!!

>> WEEK 10 IS A CELEBRATION WEEK – WE EXPAND the WINS and prep for the next level- yet again!! THIS IS SO BIG!!!