then you are a good hearted person who cares about others.. and has your wires crossed.

I am going to show you… ready?

This month, wealth enabled me to…

– Fly my son to see his old friends.

– Go home for a month and stay at friends and hotels with total flexibility to stay as my sister went into 2 weeks overdue with baby Mia.

– Pay for a nice hotel for my mom to stay at to be close to hospital to help my sister.

– Pay for dinners and food with zero thought or stress.

– Fly Bailey to me with an online sitter because I missed her, and for her to meet Mia.

– Pay for life insurance for the kids to be protected

– Rent a car for the month to make life easy for everyone as I traveled with both kids

– Pay for dinners and things when I stayed with friends with no worry or stress

– Buy anything needed for the baby and mama and their new home

– Tip really well when I feel called to as an act of giving

– Pay cleaners to prep house as we come home

– Plan flights to go help my brother with the baby and take Bailey with me

It’s genuinely endless…

To be able to give, take care of and serve those we love with zero stress for the spending is AMAZING.. and I want this for you.

It is amazing having money.
We need the HEART CENTERED’s to be the ones with the money and ability to effect change.

It’s SAFE and BEAUTIFUL to desire and HAVE money.

love you
Mandy xx