? HOW TO CHOOSE AN AMAZINGLY ALIGNED MENTOR... and get FAST results from your investment. ? - Mandy Perry

People aren’t inspired by a perfectly written post – they are inspired because of who you BECOME… They are inspired because you showed up and BACKED your dreams and BECAME.

We are inspired by people who ARE who we see ourselves being if we showed up a bit more aligned ourselves.

The reason we don’t have the results in our business is NOT because it’s not possible…. IT IS ONLY because the person you ARE right now.. is not aligned.. is not showing up as the person who creates the results you desire.

THIS is from how you think, and what your habits and skills are. NOTHING MORE. Nothing INNATE about you. It is LEARNABLE.


SO, when you are choosing a mentor.. you simply choose someone who has become what you desire. It is this simple.

If you choose a coach to teach you something, make sure they are in alignment with it, savvy and seasoned at it.

Wealth Principles… be sure you are clear if they are making $ (I believe a good coach talks openly about this with their clients if they teach wealth.)

– IS THEIR INCOME RECREATE-ABLE… have they sustained it?
– How rapidly did they make it?

Happiness – Are they ACTUALLY happy? Everyone has moments and bad days.. but YOU CAN’T FAKE HAPPY. Do you see joy in their face? In their eyes? Are they thriving?

Business coaching – How is their relationship with their clients? Is their community thriving as a whole? How much freedom do they have? WHY do they do what they do? What are the Values of the company? What is the VIBE of the company? Is it a loving inclusive vibe, a cool kids club, a coach on a pedestal energy….. how do YOU feel around them?

There is not right or wrong one… but one will FEEL good. YOU should feel like the VIP. You should feel included and important. It should feel like HOME, alike any other soul connection.

Now… to get rapid results from your investment – this is what I HIGHLY recommend.

1. GET VERY CLEAR what your biggest struggle is.

2. Find a mentor that the ENERGY feels right, and they HAVE the results you want in that area.


4. Ask every single question you could possibly ask AS YOU show up and do the work… and then bring the results you got back to the mentor and ask more questions.

5. STAY IN THE ENERGY where you grow. STAY … do what it takes to STAY IN THE ENERGY.

Love you
mandy xx

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