Are you willing to ditch all the fancy BS, make some money, and heal some lives? - Mandy Perry

I’m going to say it straight… so straight it triggered me .. I thought “They can’t handle this. They will read the first line and scroll along…”

But.. I know my people are the most brilliant and fierce on the planet and I believe that with my whole heart.. so I released that ridiculousness… and will proceed.

Stop trying to LOOK HAPPY AND WEALTHY… and instead focus and do what it takes to truly BE happy and wealthy… because YOU DESERVE IT.

It’s time to take the game face off and get next level REAL.

Are you ready to BE YOU and let the world see?
Are you doing this business for real or what?

Are you willing to ditch all the fancy BS, make some money, and heal some lives?

We all have different deep genuine longings…

If your deep longing is fame.. and fancy living I have recommendations for you of amazing mentors..

If your deep longing is to create wealthy FOR THE SAKE OF HAPPINESS & IMPACT… I’m your girl.

Me? I just want to be frigging happy & free.
I am so crystal clear on this…

I don’t care about the fancy marketing, I don’t care about the rules, I don’t care about should and shouldn’t constrictions…

I care about HELPING YOU be happy and wealthy.
This requires a shift… from frantically showing up every day in the hustle and chaos to BEING INTENTIONAL.

There is actually not very many skills required for you to do this with excellence… but I am going to show you HOW.

Here is the thing though… You are going to have to be willing to be YOU FULLY you so that when you are wildly successful… YOU ARE HAPPY.

I’m unwilling to teach you HOW to do this if it is simply some chaotic need to do it with no direction. How would I sleep at night?

This is about full on embracing your calling, your purpose and your deepest longings… it is about being the best version of yourself that shows up with excellence.

It is also about letting go of controlling how it has to look as you embrace the journey of BECOMING the person who creates your dreams.

It’s safe to let go a bit today.
You can’t possibly have the assurance that it is all going to work out how you want because you haven’t done it yet…

If you haven’t done it how could you possibly have that feeling?

No… It requires a full commitment to doing this with excellence, backing WHO YOU ARE, and your true dreams.. and taking brave action to back it.

That will feel like.. but how do I know this will work?

It will work because you decided it will work and you are willing to do it UNTIL.

I have now worked with THOUSANDS of coaches, and every single one of them has been faced with this moment… Can I have the courage to authentically drop into ME and trust that as I learn these skills and truly show up to back myself I can scale fast?

Can I trust the process?
Do I trust myself to show up?
Do I even know what I want?
DO I know why I am willing to put my head down for 10 weeks and MASTER this?

10 weeks…. Is SO FRIGGING FAST!!!
We are talking abut learning the skill for the worlds most amazing field…

Can you put your head down for 10 weeks with me and design a life and a business that you are genuinely obsessed with and if you are anything like me… cry actual tears of joy often because you can’t believe how amazing life is.

And cry even more when you see your clients expanding so fast into this dream life as well. eeeekkkkk!!!

This program will take a LOT more from me than any other program I create, and it’s not my favorite thing to do … but it IS MY FAVORITE thing to do to watch you succeed rapidly.

This all making sense?
Let me know what comes up for you.. I LOVE being in conversation with you. 

Love you
Mandy xx

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