I have watched thousands of people struggle with this.. let me explain..
Track with me for a minute..?
“Am I worth slowing down for?” he said to me, just like that.

Such a familiar thing.. such a familiar feeling.

First I learned to do it with myself and my needs.
– Self care
– Boundaries
– Desires
– Longings

Then I learned to do it with the kids and being a mother.
– What makes them feel loved?
– What do I actually ENJOY doing with them.

Then With my business.
– What is my true voice?
– How do I coach to provide massive breakthrough?
– How do I MARKET? Write? Sell with heart?
– How do I hire? Lead?

Now with love.

Here’s my point… you will suck until you don’t… and the faster and more chaotic you do things, the longer you will suck.

The more intentional you get, the faster you will master your work.

Let’s use Marketing as an example…

Do you know what your voice is?
Do You know how to write copy in a way that gives massive value and sells?
Do you know how to create powerful programs and offers that people love?
Do you know how to generate powerful ideas and concepts that get people to take action?
Do you know how to do this all BEING YOU?
Do you know how to do it in a way that feel fun and easy?

well…. why not?
What are you going to do about that?
If this has been on your radar and you are ready to LEARN this powerful SKILL… The Art of A Powerful Offer is for you.

This is not for the leader that is committed to chaos.. this is for the ones smart enough to get that slowing down enough to learn to do each skill with excellence will get you to the top 11%…

Your words are the connection between your tribe and your container for them to grow in, and it is NOT intuitive… if it was, it wouldn’t be only 11% hitting 6 figures ?

at this point I have coached thousands of people and have narrowed down the specific skill that they struggle with because it’s COUNTER intuitive, and every single person I have taught this to .. has the jaw drop moment.

It’s going to blow your mind and I can’t wait to see you freak out LOL!!!!

#sofun #yesplease #breakthrough

Take away –
Stop, take a moment to learn to do it well.
Suck less
Master it

Find the next thing you suck at and go again.

It’s safe to slow down enough to master your life. 

Love you
Mandy xx