What’s it going to feel like if you don’t change this?
What will it feel like to your loved ones when you DO change?

NOTHING changes until you get better and you don’t get better until you focus and learn the skills to be better.

Be better.
Be better now.
Be better consistently.

People who will remain unsuccessful think and say:

Why is it taking so long?
Why is she making more $ than me.
This feels stressful.
I don’t know what my voice is.
This is hard, I don’t know what to do…
No one commented on my post.
No one purchased my offer today.


People who will crush it think and say:

I can see how far I have come!
I am surrounded by success, it’s getting closer and closer!
I am built to handle pressure and feel myself strengthening!
My deepest voice to the best of clarity today is _____
I am willing to do things that feel hard, I wonder how I can improve my messaging skills?
I see that I am missing knowledge around selling that feels good, I’m excited to see this missing skill, How do I learn it?
Check! Blog done, I know consistency brings success!!
I made no sales today, What is working? Whats not? What would I like to change?

THIS is a HUGE difference.
I have zero room for the excuses, whining, justifications and complaints.. BECAUSE IT DOESN’T HELP YOU. So why would I allow it? I WANT YOU TO HAVE THE EXPERIENCE OF LIFE YOU DESIRE.

My work is to reflect back what is AVAILABLE for you, the greatness I SEE in you when you can’t see it, and to call your ass to more.

More MORE.

What basic fundamental skills are you missing in your business?
Goal – TO MAKE $X & have FUN doing it – What fundamental skills are required to make that happen?

If you don’t know, I recommend hoping in a power call with a successful business coach to find out. (I offer a 2 hour call, if you want the support just PM me– $2k)

If you do know –
Shift how you speak to yourself about it.
Stop complaining and whining  (said with love, but SAID)
Find someone who does it well and DIVE INTO that skill.

This is not complicated, it’s just abnormal.
But you are abnormal.

Love you
Mandy xx

PS: The Art of a Powerful Offer

A revolutionary deep dive into understanding the high end SKILL of how to create powerful offers AND MARKET THEM.

Creating a program based off of what you see someone else do, or what you were taught about.. and then showcasing your knowledge, wisdom or amazingness… WILL NOT MAKE SALES.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people trying desperately to figure out how to sell online offers. It’s the most highly sought after skill in this field.

And only aprox 6% will every hit multiple 6 figures..

Why? Because they are trying to sell intuitively.
– What makes them look smart.
– What they think will sell.
– Prove their worth.
– Look as good as the pros.
– Sell a skill they learned in a certification program.
– etc etc etc

If you look and see, IT DOESN’T WORK.
It REALLY doesn’t work, numbers don’t lie.

My commitment for 2019 was to change the global success rate of the online entrepreneur… and THIS IS HOW I AM ACCOMPLISHING THIS.

I have narrowed down a few specific skills missing in the field.


People are’t EVEN CLOSE!!!
I am so excited to deep dive this in this group and show you exactly how to do this successfully.

We are getting right to it and this skill is one that will serve you for the rest of your career. ITS CRITICAL. Period.