I have found a really interesting dynamic happening with my community as I watch and study how people are showing up.

This is what I see: #human

We are afraid that if we bear our soul to the world… the world won’t reciprocate…

When you smile at someone and you don’t get a smile back…
When you share your truth and don’t get much engagement online…
When you tell someone how you feel and they don’t say it back to you…
When you do something nice for someone and they do not return the favor…

It feels scary or harsh…

>> BUT VULNERABILITY is not a transaction. <<

If someone doesn’t reciprocate.. it doesn’t mean you did not leave an impact with them. It doesn’t mean you are not important. It doesn’t mean you didn’t do good enough or aren’t good enough.

True vulnerability in your sales and messaging, in your relationships and life IS ABOUT BEING AUTHENTICALLY YOU no matter who ever reciprocates, engages or notices.

The reason why people who are the top of this field are always so motivated to share their message is in big part due to the fact that they are BEING THEIR TRUE SELVES, and FREEDOM is addictive lol.

Being vulnerable is about freedom and authenticity… not about gaining points or getting what you want.

This make sense?
It’s vital to understand this in order to learn how to sell your offers in a very enjoyable powerful way.

Your messaging, lives and copy will not land with people that way you want it to when you are just trying to figure out what sells.. what sounds good.. and what will get engagement…

IT’S ABOUT BEING YOU, as you work the skills.
This is the magic formula if there ever was one.


Love you
Mandy xx
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Creating a program based off of what you see someone else do, or what you were taught about.. and then showcasing your knowledge, wisdom or amazingness… WILL NOT MAKE SALES.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people trying desperately to figure out how to sell online offers. It’s the most highly sought after skill in this field.

And only aprox 6% will every hit multiple 6 figures..

Why? Because they are trying to sell intuitively.
– What makes them look smart.
– What they think will sell.
– Prove their worth.
– Look as good as the pros.
– Sell a skill they learned in a certification program.
– etc etc etc


If you look and see, IT DOESN’T WORK.

It REALLY doesn’t work, numbers don’t lie.

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