The SECRET about feeling WORTHY of an EPIC life... AND HOW IT HELPS MORE PEOPLE ☕️?❤️ - Mandy Perry

Maybe you were never really felt loved and special as a kid.

Maybe you do not feel or do not have a partner to love you.


Now you have to somehow love yourself enough to feel LIT UP and happy every day?

Now you have to HOLD SPACE and LOVE everyone else around you?!?!

On top of this crap.. you also have to run a company and hold space for the whole world… What the actual…

And then you judge yourself for being a bit messy.

So what is REALLY going on here?

How are you going to show up in an overflow of LOVE to give the world and everyone close to you if you aren’t feeling LOVED?

If you aren’t feeling Special. Worthy. Enough. Important…

A LOT of mischief happens when we don’t feel worthy…

– Spending a ton of money on things we don’t need in order to fit in, or on all the resources to try to fix ourselves.

– Acting in ways that decrease our self confidence because we felt we needed to prove something.

– Allowing ourselves to be treated less than, which keeps the story of unworthiness going… teaching people to treat us less than because of messy boundaries.

– Not following through with amazing ideas because of the lack of trust and confidence.

– The inability to TRUST THE PROCESS because you don’t believe GOOD things are coming your way… simply because.

– Procrastinating because we feel there is so much to do and are overwhelmed.

– Exhaustion.. trying to keep up with it all.

– HOLDING IN YOUR TRUTH to try to please people or fit in.

– Lack of friendships and romantic partners that are a true fit for you.

A LOT is lost when we do not intrinsically FEEL our worth… and it is 100% FIXABLE. It was never about FINDING something.. it is about letting go .. once and for all of the things that were NEVER meant to be there.

There is work to do.
To wake up feeling relaxed, grateful and EXCITED about every second of your life.

To feel POWERFUL when tough things happen, and feel really truly proud of how you show up every day, even when it’s far from perfect.

To trust yourself.
To back yourself.
To have massive love to give.

To change lives.

This is a call to awareness about HOW ridiculously important this is and HOW WORTHY YOU ARE of feeling LOVED .. massively and overwhelmingly LOVED without NEEDING ANYONE else to give it to you!!!

WHY are we ok with living feeling anything less than truly loved, inspired, and LIT UP about life????

You deserve better.
You deserve better now.

You are capable of more.
You are capable of shifting this NOW.

Love you
Mandy xx