FULL ON TRUTH.... - Mandy Perry

Showing up for my business saved me from being a HALF-ASS MOM … ?‍?‍??❤️

As an entrepreneur… you pour your HEART & SOUL into your business, your clients, and your team.

You bleed for it.
You sweat for it.
You shed tears over it.

You dream, you hope, you show up big, and you surrender to what is while learning to enjoy the journey…


Going all in to be everything we can possibly be absolutely makes us better parents..we just don’t see it because we are too busy beating ourselves up and chasing the next thing.

– Consistent
– Stable
– Happy
– Follow through
– Keeping word to self and others
– Prioritizing
– Expanding mindset
– Challenge many old belief, if not ALL
– Break generational habits
– Live to more of our potential
– Utilize time wisely
– Systems in place for efficiency
– Focus on task at hand with excellence
– Learning to understand others and communicate well

It’s time to go ALL IN on your business, because this is about 1/10th of what being successful has contributed to my motherhood.

Everything I BECOME, I teach them by BEING.
Every deep level of joy I feel, they experience.
Every breakthrough and win they feel.
Every failure I walk through they strengthen with me.
Every way I become savvier they expand with me.

The work is to clear the BS so we can be epic for them

love you
Mandy xx