My #1 power move when I am struggling financially. ? ? - Mandy Perry

Success isn’t normal.
Things we do to have massive success… aren’t normal.

Most people think we are crazy when they find out the things we do behind the scene.

But here is the biggest thing that I see happen when I share behind the scene actions that I take to have a business that has scaled in record time…. PEOPLE COME UP WITH REASONS WHY THEY DON’T HAVE TO DO THE SAME because it’s scary AF.

Why money is bad.
Why power is bad.
Why success shouldn’t matter.
Why you choose to be content rather than successful as if you only get one.
Why you should just be content with what you have.
Mandy just has more discipline, she’s just different.

(Come on y’all… you know I say the stuff out-loud that we don’t want to say to ourselves.)

It’s all huge lots of BS. ❤️
It’s a nice pretty justification. I’ve used every single one myself along the way.

So… this time.. today… I want you to hear what I am about to tell you with full awareness that your brain will come up with SOMETHING that lets you off the hook for taking the brave action to back your dreams this way.

And actually… it’s really valuable to hear what that is.. because IT’S WORKING… unless you already do this power move.

When I am struggling financially… I invest in support.
I don’t care what friggin’ massive action I will have to take to make it happen.. I invest.. feel the panic, feel the fear, feel the doubt in myself.. the temptation to make it all so scary and hard…

and then I smirk.. let it go.. and remind myself.. “THIS IS EASY.” Hard? Hard is a mother watching her children starve to death without a food source for them.


The way that I choose if I should invest in the support is this…

If it’s a yes… I do whatever I need to do to make the initial investment and then I use my source wisely.. which I didn’t always know how to do but looks a LOT like asking a LOT of bold, vulnerable questions, and DOING the actual work recommended.


Using the time to freak out about how hard it is and how messy I am… HELL NO. Goal. What I have done already. Question. and often times a confession of sorts about what I have been doing that is not supportive.

A friend recently reminded me… “Trust. Then trust the support.” BOOM

Trust that you are worthy of the support in the toughest times, and then trust the support container you chose.

It’s amazing to pull in support when you are crushing life and scale fast… but it’s essential that we ditch the story that we can’t, that it’s too hard, that we need some kind of proof first… and we lean INTO the fear and let it fuel us to make power moves when shit feels like it is NOT working, when we are falling behind or apart, and when we are failing.

Make sense?

Normal is to contract when $ is tight.
To hold back, to play small… to get back to a safe position.

But if we just think about how that FEELS.. it makes perfect logical sense why that is the opposite of what’s needed in that moment.

Stepping back feels:
– safe
– easier
– disappointing
– scary
– frustrating
– chaotic
– flat, depressing, anxious
– like it’s all hard
– numb out, distract, run away
– powerless
– angry

This is not the energy that will bring in success.

And your mindset / energy is 80% of your success! EIGHTY. You know this.

So when it counts the most why are we pulling in this contractive small energy.. making it ALL THE MORE hard to breakthrough to that next level?? SILLY BEHAVIOR. Normal and silly.

But what does it feel like when we put the pedal to the medal and lean IN when fear hits us?

– scared
– bold, powerful, untouchable, savvy
– clear, determined, excited
– ignited, strong, badass
– energized

Life feels exciting, challenging, FUN… we laugh, we play, we cry. we freakout, we scream….. and WE GET THE JOB DONE because that’s what you do when you have no choice. LOL #thatsthewholepoint

What do you want?

Do that… because you are WORTHY of all you desire, that is WHY you desire it.

Love you
Mandy xx