You will NOT MAKE MONEY until you finally understand and believe in your WORTH... ? ❤️?? - Mandy Perry

Money is SUCH a loaded topic. I STILL wince just a little every time I feel called to talk about it (believe it or not)

But here’s the deal… life was incredibly hard when I was broke. It’s WAY easier now. That’s just real. I am not going to let a little (ok.. sometimes a lot of) judgement that comes my way stop me from loving you this big….

I have never met ONE SINGLE person who hasn’t WRESTLED with their own beliefs of wealth and making money… but this is ESPECIALLY true for entrepreneurs who do what they love or they themselves are the product.

It’s DOUBLY hard.
Fear you wont bring the value
Fear you are taking advantage of someone if they purchase from you (like you pulled a fast one)
Worried you’ll come off slimy when you sell
Feeling like your clients are suckers that fell for your sales.


Our work is to hold others as ABLE and capable of knowing what’s good for them… but you can’t do this until YOU feel worthy to receive.

THIS UNWORTHY shit is wrecking havoc in every single area of your life!

Know what the most attractive thing in the world is to the opposite sex?

Know what sells?

Know what enables you to parent consistently?

Know what gives you the courage to trust yourself and male brave moves in your business?

Know what holds you back, allows your excuses to work, comes up with amazing justifications for quitting, compares, gets jealous, plays small, feels scared and guilty…..


You ready to kick unworthiness in its ass and embrace the power that you know damn well is bubbling up in you?

Can we just admit today… finally… that you know you are born for more? That you see the mischief happening and that you are ready to face it, release it and enjoy a wealthy happy life?

WHEN YOU THRIVE, everyone else gets the chance to too.

love you
Mandy xx