How To Actually Get All The Things You Desire... this is super blunt.. I don't sugar coat it for you.. #readyornot ?❤️? - Mandy Perry

OK… this is going to take a minute to break down, but it’s going to be so worth the 3 minute read.

I’ve never really shared this before and I am excited to help you see something really profound. You may have casually noted it but if you aren’t consistently having the experience of getting more of what you want each month, you probably haven’t integrated this.

So… It began with being wanting more income.
I was who I was, and it took what it took to make that a reality.

FIRST… I had to believe I was WORTHY of the wealth.. but that was just step one.

Equally as important as believing I was worthy, I had to give up entitlement… when meant.. I needed to SURRENDER to what ACTUALLY was. Who I was, what I was like, what skills and level of health I had emotionally etc.

This is a HUGE power move. When you surrender to what is you STOP resisting the work to go to the next level. When you are fighting to prove you are somewhere different than where you are.. you will resist and resist and wonder why it all feels so hard.


But… the reason most people can’t surrender to what is.. is because they can’t look at reality without ALSO then judging themselves for being at where they are at… and then they don’t feel safe. They feel like a GAMBLE and that they will NEVER get what they want because they can’t trust themselves.

Tracking with me?

Which comes RIGHT back to doing the work to feel worthy.
Releasing guilt.
Releasing the past.

>>> We are stuck because we haven’t shifted what matters. The magic is to rewiring your thinking so that your REACTION to guilt, shame & fear is ACCEPTANCE of what is, and knowing you are WORTHY of all you desire, and the COURAGE and patience to do the actual work to get there. <<<<

Working ever so slowly on my wealth mindset..
I began as the welfare girl who thought she was stupid.

– Quit waitressing to be a nanny so I could be with my kids and make more $ (sounds silly but this was scary as shit)

– Went to school – community to state to University..

– Quit University to start a business

– Invested in a mentor right away even though I had NO clue how I was going to pay for it.

– Started making money, but it all went right back out the window because I was clueless on how to create proper boundaries and had some unhealthy relationships and dynamics, and a whole lot of codependency going on.

– Began to work on codependency, boundaries, and saying no.

– Started learning about taxes and how to get my own health ins now that I was off free state Ins.

– Started paying off the student loans and CC debt.

– Learned about running the $ through a CC to get money back

– Learned about self worth, and taking really good care of myself so that I had a lot to give and could show up powerfully, and scaled the business even more.

– Worked through major mom guilt.. what did it mean that we had money? How did I teach the kids well? How much support do I pull in? How do I really feel about traveling, taking them with be and being away from them?

– Worked through being screwed over by people who now saw me as a naive woman with $.. and the fear that I’d never really get savvy enough to see it coming.

– Bought my first house, released the last of the relationships that were unhealthy and causing damage.

– Learned about a financial adviser. Invested the first amount of money even though some people were telling me I would lose hundreds of thousands over the 30 years

– Got life ins for the kids


I have never felt like I knew what I was doing… and at any given moment I had PLENTY that I could have focused on to feel like I was not enough, should have done better, should have been more disciplined…

But when I did the work to believe I was worthy of wealth.. I also accepted that it was going to be in the timeline that it was going to be, that the work was the work, and that if I just did 1% today, it would add up SIGNIFICANTLY over time.

I believed the work was the work.
My calling was my calling.
My desires were there for a reason.
And that whatever it ACTUALLY took for me to grow into the woman who could create the wealth.. was COMPLETELY acceptable and I WAS SAFE in the journey. I didn’t have to rush and I certainly didn’t have to play to safe.

God already knew what it would take for me to get there.
I was safe.
It was ok for me to KNOW I would STAY safe no matter what.

I believed I was worthy to take the time I needed to BE who I felt called to be. Wealth was the bi-product of becoming.

YOU are worthy to take the time, use the money, say the truth, and own what currently IS.. and know that you were never meant to be anywhere further than you are now.

You were always meant to be right here, reading this at this very moment… surrendering to a deeper level, releasing the guilt, shame and fear… and accepting what is so you can choose to show up and do the ACTUAL WORK that will expand you to being the woman it took to create your dreams.


Love you
Mandy xx