How to Stay Motivated When Your Hard Work Isn't Paying Off ☕️? - Mandy Perry

Unfortunately, hard work isn’t all it takes to be successful. And that can feel scary.. but it’s ok because you are here… and we are going to navigate this together.

The way to stay motivated when you are WORKING YOUR ASS off and it’s just not happening is to FOCUS ON THE PROCESS not the result.

Literally focus on what you’re doing and how it feels to be a person doing what you feel called to do and how every moment you do it you are expanding!

So many studies have been done showing the result in performance and in motivation between groups that focused on having to do it to reach a goal, or win, vs athletes who focused on the task at hand, on the process.

For example:
I could be focusing on WHAT can I say to you right now to get you interested in my current offer, The Success Hacking Templates program… and then this would feel like a chore. I’d feel like I have to figure out how to get you to do something so I can get what I need.. which would feel INCREDIBLY SHITTY.

So I DON’T focus on that LOL… because I love being motivated and I love enjoying my work. I focus on what value I can bring to the table today and I focus on typing faster on my computer and my morning routine just before I blog. (I listen to something I desire to listen to, meditate, then blog.) Which is all enjoyable.

>>> You will stay motivated by focusing on what you are doing & learning in the moment, rather than the end goal. We do this because IT’S WHO WE CHOOSE TO BE.. not to get a result. <<<

Love you
Mandy xx