No one believed I would make it happen.. I was the “bouncing” girl. Bounced out of relationships, the Marines, 4 different college programs, my first business niche… on and on…

I didn’t commit and they saw me as flakey.

I didn’t fit the norm: I didn’t talk like the norm… I didn’t think like the norm.. I didn’t behave like the norm..

I knew I was different, weird, not socially acceptable… but I also knew.. NONE OF THEM SEEMED TRULY HAPPY… so fak what they were saying… I wasn’t listening.

I was listening to the scream inside saying… HOW THINGS ARE ISN’T OK. Not in my life and not in my kids life, and not in the world.

People all sweep things under the rug.
People are scared, and they don’t speak up.
People believe things that scare the crap out of them and keep them trapped.
People are depressed and anxious.
People are feeling GUILTY about anything that makes them happy.

There was something more.. I just KNEW IT… and not a single person thought I’d REALLY ACTUALLY figure it out.

How to be wealthy, free and HAPPY.

>>>> BUT I DID. <<<<

Ohhh did I ever.
Smashed records and broke every ceiling I encountered… lead by other incredible humans holding space for me.

Here is what I have to say about people not believing you can do it…

It won’t last forever.. I can promise you that. Soon they will be the same ones asking you “How did you do it?” and you will lovingly hold space for them to step up and do the same…

And quite frankly, there’s a kick in your ass that you get when someone doesn’t believe in you that you won’t get once you’re quite successful. You may even MISS the times others doubted you ?

Here is some valuable language that I teach my private clients when someone is doubting them..

“Hey ____. Thank you for expressing your opinion but here is the thing… I am going to do this. I am going to take it all the way no matter what, and the truth is.. IT’S HARD. I struggle to show up sometimes, and when you say ______ it makes it even harder for me. I’d LOVE to get some encouragement from you, but if you can’t that’s ok, you can just say nothing at all.”

Very simple. Simply remove the emotion and say the truth.

and remember… there WILL come a time you will miss this.. so enjoy it eh? Soon enough NO ONE will ever doubt you again.

When I say I am going to accomplish something there isn’t a single soul that doubts me now. ?

#ownyourpower #wearethesame #together

Remember, it was always YOU.

Love you,
Mandy xx