There’s something incredibly wonderful and soothing about doing life with other powerful women. - Mandy Perry

It’s confusing at times, it’s fkg hard at times…

When your body is screaming at you to slow down, take your foot off the pedal, just go back to when it was easy and mindless….

When you’re just not sure you can do this

When you’re tempted to compare and criticize yourself for not being enough, not being “there” already … or to judge or criticize them to take the pressure off of yourself for not showing up…

When you’re terrified you might become a bad person or you might be greedy or selfish.

When you feel guilt for “leaving others behind”.

When you have huge epic wins and you need a safe space to celebrate

When you fail miserably and they remind you that this shit is all a normal part of life

When you have tough decisions to make

When you don’t know who you are because you grow so fast

When you feel alone because you outgrow everyone around you….

You turn and there is your group of powerful women… the ones you’ve chosen to feel worthy enough to do life with… the same ones who truly feel just as blessed to do life with you.

To my tribe: You are safe to let yourself FEEL AND BACK your power… and you are worthy to be in the room with other powerful people because … of course…. we are the SAME.