Here it is… RAW & to the point…

I was hanging out with a friend the other day talking about our love lives and he said “The hard part isn’t wondering IF we will ever find love… of course we will. The hard part is knowing you don’t get to know WHEN it will happen. It could be 6 weeks it could be 6 years.”

And I immediately thought of my clients…

Let’s say you are working your ass off to keep making that $10/$30k month over & over and feeling like you just can’t scale…

Here is what is happening.
You know you can make the $.. and you know eventually you will scale and hit the $50/$60k months… but the harder you work, the more you try, the more it seems impossible.

Maybe you’re just trying to hit your first $10k and it feels exactly the same.

EVERY SINGLE DAY new clients tell me that they are starting to feel like this is harder than they ever thought it would be and feel upset that they haven’t scaled yet. “IT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED BY NOW.”

What happens is.. as you work hard and it doesn’t pay off.. that VISION you had of WHEN it would happen and what it would all look and feel like begins to be replaced by a fear of WHAT IF IT JUST STAYS THIS HARD and this is the furthest I ever get.


And then you retract. You FEEL differently, so you CHOOSE differently.

You aren’t as brave, you aren’t as bold and you aren’t as lit up.

The work is to change the way you THINK about success & wealth.
You can work your ass of and TRY this and this and this… or you can RAISE YOUR WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS.

Let me give you an example that is the exact same as what we are talking about here:

A woman who is desperate to be in a relationship… repels healthy men that have a lot to offer and attracts men who are looking to feel good about themselves and take.

A woman who is desperate for her business to work NOW… repels wealth and attracts stagnation.


In order to scale the way I have scaled.. 0- 3/4 Million in 3 years flat…. there are 2 things that were required.

1. BEING AROUND OTHER WEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL people… people who believed things that raised their wealth vibes to epic level, and being around people doing the same work as me.

2. I had to call in any resources I needed WAY before I felt ready in order to KEEP MY VIBE HIGH. To stay in a strong place of faith and belief and to dismiss the CLOCK vibes. THE TIME chasing my ass vibes and need to make it happen NOW vibes.

The work is to learn to ALWAYS take immediate action to choose any and all things that expand me and light me up WHILE staying focused on the VISION, and WHO I am becoming rather than the end result… and the TIMING.

And as it turns out.. NOT focusing on the timing of it all is how I scaled so rapidly. I FOCUSED ON BEING IN THE ENERGY OF WEALTH, SUCCESS, and FAITH.

>>> I focused on who I was becoming every day.
WHEN YOU LEARN TO THINK like a wealthy person… your whole life will never be the same again. YOU CANNOT go back from that… BOOM!

What a RELIEF!
It doesn’t matter WHEN it happens.. it matters that you learn to THINK like the woman of unlimited potential.. because then its guaranteed to happen… so when doesn’t matter. <<<<

When you are making $100k months.. will it matter that it took 2 years or 3 years? NOPE.

Will it mater if it took 6? NOPE.
Because you are making $100k months LOL

The work is to BECOME SAVVY.
To BECOME the person it took to create the life you dream of. I’ve said that ONE MILLION times and I will say it until the day I die. IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT BECOMING.

When you think like a wealthy person, it’s NOT possible that you could NOT become one.

YOUR JOB is to be BRAVE enough to put your ass in the containers where you can become one.

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Love you,
Mandy xx