Someone blocked me because I talk about money.
I get it.

Do you know who I see struggle with the topic the most?

The love of money being the root of all evil and all…. ❤️

Here’s the thing…
I don’t know how we think we are going to turn the poverty mindset around if we can’t tell the truth and talk about money openly:

Truth- we all want $. Lots of $. We all also want to be good kind generous people.


Money is just a resource no different than any other resource we use as an energetic exchange.



Blunt- we make a fuss about talking about and wanting money being bad because we don’t think we can have it. Kind of like when a man insults a muscular guy he is jealous of….. ?❤️

Fact: you can have both $ and be an epic human.

Another fact: I help about 10,000x more people now that I have $ than I ever could when I was broke and stressed…

Including the people in my life that think wanting $ is bad. ?

You can avoid it all you like but why?
It’s ok to desire wealth. Crazy amazing freeing wealth because you are worthy of the freedom and opportunity it brings. ?

No one else deserves it more than you.
Why not you? ??‍♀️

I hope this lands with you tonight and you step just one more tiny step towards freedom joy and wealth tonight.

Love you
Mandy xx