It doesn’t make sense until you walk it out…

“It’s ok if you fall down and lose your SPARK… just make sure when you get up you RISE as the whole damn fire…” ? 

Maybe up until now you have been wearing yourself out to make this business happen.

Maybe up until now you have been beating yourself up to go faster and harder and figure it all out.

MAYBE…. you keep telling yourself that in order to make more money you need to DO more, learn more, figure out more…

and you really just keep wondering what this whole friggin’ TRUST the process, and let it be easy BS is.

I remember when I was trying to learn to trust the process and stop fighting for everything, saying to my own mentor… “OK.. I’m going to go for this.. but YOU HAD BETTER BE RIGHT. I have 2 kids counting on me. I can’t fk this up.”

Lol.. I can’t believe I said that.. but that’s how it felt.

It felt true that I could only HAVE what I created by sheer will.

It felt like huge loads of BS that I could learn to hold a different energy and it would all magically work out.

I couldn’t make sense of it before I walked it out.. I just had to have faith.

I had to trust the woman in front of me saying.. “This is the work”.

I had to trust my feelings saying.. I can’t push like this anymore, I’m exhausted.. something has to give.

I needed to trust my soul saying.. fk yes… SAY YES to this Mandy. SAY YES… as my head was SCREAMING NOOOOO RUN!! This is BS!! It’s too good to be true!

I had to leap even though I had NO CLUE how it was all going to work out. All I knew was I wasn’t going to let one more day pass trying to force this whole thing.

If I was going to change the world.. it would be on MY terms, while I was ENJOYING my life.

I said yes to my dreams and ROSE AS THE WHOLE DAMN FIRE.
It’s amazing how FAST your dreams realize when you stop holding back, controlling and fighting to prove you deserve it.


You don’t need to learn ONE SINGLE THING MORE.
You don’t need a certificate.
You don’t need to control it all.


It’s time to let go of careful and embrace SAVVY.

It’s time to speak up.
It’s time to be seen globally.
It’s time to stop declaring and start Receiving
It’s time to think big

Your spark may be dimmed, but it doesn’t take TIME passing to RISE as the whole damn fire… it takes the courage to say YES to your soul, and back it with aligned action.


What would the YOU THAT IS LIT UP decide to do NOW from this CLEAR & POWERFUL PLACE?


Love you
Mandy xx