If you worry about money now you will worry about money when you make $100k months.

I know it feels hard to believe but I PROMISE it’s true.

It’s actually FACT…
Your brain doesn’t magically rewire itself because the number in your bank account changed. (The money in the bank can’t change your habit of worrying any more than my slapping you on your ass can ?)

If you get 2 new clients for $10k a piece, celebrate for 2 seconds, then get frustrated you didn’t get 4… Your brain wont magically rewire itself when you get 4. You will be frustrated you didn’t get 6.

If you don’t feel VALUABLE as is right now, you won’t magically feel valuable with some money in the bank.

The habit of it never being enough IS A HABIT that doesn’t magically REWIRE the structure of your brain that you have created because an EXTERNAL circumstance has changed.

If you desire to make more money.. the work isn’t to work harder… you will just do more of the same shit and then keep getting more of what you have gotten.

That’s the perfect recipe for burnout.

If you aren’t feeling like like a SAVVY BADASS now, external conditions WON’T GIVE THAT TO YOU.

The work is to learn to FEEL SAVVY, to FEEL BADASSS NOW and then to take aligned action from that place.

To feel powerful and lit up, expanded and light, happy and fulfilled… NO MATTER WHAT THE CONDITIONS ARE… because I can tell you this..

Tough seasons come. Life will ebb and flow.

And let’s just own the COST of always thinking we need to have done better. It lowers your motivation, drive, creativity, energy … it drains your spark, and it creates a whole slew of playing small.
Lower prices, broken promises to self, not being fully expressed, holding back for other people, etc

The work is to learn to BE who you choose to BE no matter WHAT.
The decisions you make from THIS place get your the life of your dreams. Tracking with me?

You don’t learn HOW to be wildly successful. You BE the woman who believes in her worth and BACK YOURSELF, and as you do you look back and see massive success has happened.

You want FIERCE growth?


BE the SAVVY woman.
Make power moves that someone who already has success hands down to you.
Exponential results.


It was always about BECOMING the savvy woman.
THAT is pure safety.
If my business folded today because of some external crazy event.. I’d have a new successful one in a matter of a year. Anything I do I will be successful at because I HAVE BECOME.

THAT is fulfillment.
That is safety.
That is peace of mind.

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Love you,
Mandy xx