YOU WILL SUCCEED IF... - Mandy Perry

There is something I see clients do that tells me RIGHT away that they will be successful…. ?

I have worked with thousands of clients from all over the world, and have gotten rather good at being able to spot the ones that will go far fast.


UGHH… it makes me want to scream because there is this controversial topic of “CAN EVERYONE MAKE IT IN THIS FIELD?” Can you do it simply because I did it?


But… there is an IF.


You can IF you do what I see these clients who scale fast do.. and I’m going to tell you what that is AND what the shift needs to be to DO IT.

They invest in support way before they have proof it will work.
They do it over and over when when they don’t get the exact results they wanted.
They fail, fall, and take breaks for moments, but they NEVER QUIT.
They expose themselves, talk about the real shit, ask questions they feel are stupid, and they come out of isolation to do life with other people.
THEY learn to TRUST people to help them.

When the question… How do I know it will work? comes up.. they decide.. I’LL FIGURE IT OUT. I trust. The woman that I will be THEN when the problem arises will know how to solve it, and if not, I’ll ask for help.


What makes one person willing to do this and another holds back?


For your kids.
To take care of your parents.
To be debt free.
To travel.
To have a beautiful home and beautiful things.
To be surrounded by other incredible powerful people that GET YOU.
To create the most amazing memories with them and those you love.
To learn, grow and truly expand into your potential.

Because when you are 95 and you look back on your life you will want to know you took RISKS and you REALLY gave it your all.

Life is rigged for the bold… can anyone create what the 1% has created?

But you’d better know WHY because YOU WILL BE TESTED.
Your resolve will be tested, your faith in your value WILL be tested… and as it stands 99% do NOT have the courage to back themselves when they are being messy or $ is tight.

You will be messy and money will get tight over and over. So what. This is a natural part of the process!

I mean this from the bottom of my heart…
YOU WILL SUCCEED if you dig into what you are willing to go through some pain for… and back it by CHOOSING to say YES to what you desire… and stay in it UNTIL.

When you have a mentor that kicks your ass and inspires the shit out of you, a tribe that loves supports and celebrates with you and you have SAID YES TO YOU because you know WHY you are willing to go through a season of being uncomfortable to have the life you desire….


I don’t care who says otherwise.


It was ALWAYS YOU. ?

Love you
Mandy xx