You Only Need to Improve 1% a Day…

The real work is done behind closed doors.
Away from the public, behind the scenes.
One block at a time, we put in the work growing 1% a day.

You shut Netflix off, put the phone away and you CREATE, LEARN, GROW.

The work is to learn to LOVE the journey, the process, the work for the sake of it in and of itself.

“The piano player may enjoy performing, but the concert is just the 1% — the key is finding the joy in practicing — in the process.”

A coach must learn to enjoy building the business as the actual coaching is a small % in the first many years.

You must KNOW your fundamental POWER moves, and learn to truly enjoy them.

The artist doing basic strokes daily
The singer doing vocal range every single day
The writer putting words on the paper every single day

Doing the power moves in your business every single day improves your skill by 1%… compounded for 365 days = and improvement of x38!!!!!

3 years ago I had 300 people on my FB – today there is 10k
3 years ago I had 150 on IG – today there is over 20k

The value of my platform has increased dramatically 1% a day over time.

Also, the value of FB and IG itself has increased dramatically as well with this same concept, this compounds the value of my business… in a BIG way.

If you know your power moves, and you are in an environment where this is the focus and you are around others DOING THE SAME, the level of your success will be profound.

I know this is some heady stuff, but it’s SOO VALUABLE!!!

Love you
Mandy xx