LIFE BENDS TO YOUR DESIRES… that is how we create our dream life. ?❤️?

Yes it will be uncomfortable for a moment as you adjust… but the work is for us to KNOW and understand that we get to have the experience of life we desire.

You want Sundays off.. take Sundays off and demand that life adjust to you.

You set boundaries around your desires and trust that when you feel good you will do good and you will MULTIPLY your results significantly.

You will be more creative, faster, smarter, happier…
Powerful breakthroughs often happen in a moment of inspiration, a connection, a followed through idea… and in boredom & FUN.

When you desire or long for something, IT IS MEANT TO BE YOURS.. when you ignore that desire and force yourself to push through you give up a LOT, including the recognition that LIFE BENDS TO YOUR WILL.

It takes courage to step into this, and it’s available for you if you so choose.


We don’t wait for proof, we go first.. the Universe sees we are serious… and then LIFE adjusts.


Love you
Mandy xx