What if HUMILITY looks like putting aside the judgement you may get for stepping into your power, and answering that call on your life FULLY anyways…..❤️

Isn’t that true humility?
Doing what right BECAUSE it’s right, rather than trying to look good?

We have some stuff twisted.

NOT stepping into your power BECAUSE others may get upset or judge isn’t noble…


Doing what you feel called to do in your soul, backing your VISION FULLY, and receiving what is yours… EVEN when others chatter… IS NOBLE.


Not everyone can be soldiers in the tranches helping the poor. Who IS there to help the soldier? The soldier care taker?
And who is there to motivate the soldier?
Who is there to motivate the soldier caretaker?

And who is there to lead that person?
Who is giving funds?
Who is teaching the fund raisers?
Who is motivating the teachers?
Who is leading the motivators to the teachers?

and on and on it goes.

PLEASE let go of judgement about the power you are called to. YOU DO NOT BELONG in the trenches or else you wouldn’t have a vision of leadership.

People who are not called to lead HAVE ZERO INSTINCT to do so.


You were born to lead.
You were born to be wildly successful.
You were born to have an abundance of wealth.
You were born to soar… oh reluctant leader. 


It’s time.

Love you
mandy xx