Do you want safety or FREEDOM? - Mandy Perry

If you find yourself thinking you can’t do something.. or don’t want to do something.. BUT YOU KNOW.. if you made yourself do it you’re going to be a better human being…

the work is to learn to do it immediately with no hesitation.

A lot of people say… well Mandy, this isn’t safe, it’s not a secure way to do life.

If safe is what you’re looking for… I’m not the mentor for you.

If FREEDOM is what you are looking for, this is how we do life.


Very few people will ever have the courage to do this. This morning my prayers are for every single badass who has chosen to embrace the fear, train your mind to back your dreams and invested in yourself to create your FREEDOM.

TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE COMMITTED TO DOING TODAY to be all in on creating the most powerful impact on this planet that your big heart could ever dream up.

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Love you
Mandy xx