TO THE WOMAN WITH HIGH STANDARDS, answering the call on your life.. ?? - Mandy Perry

Life will not be as easy for you.
You will cry more. You will hurt more.

You will be required to have a strength far greater than most of the people you will ever meet in your life.

You will face challenge & disappointment.
You will miss out on common events and experiences that others enjoy day to day.

You WILL lose friends and you will lose lovers.

You will carry the sadness for those you love who never choose to have a life of joy and happiness, wealth and freedom.

But you will soldier on, because it is who you are.
You show up big, you break through level after level because it’s what your soul cries for. It’s what lights you up and sets your heart on fire.

You are a rare diamond in the rough.
Women like you are scarce and hard to find.

You are already holding yourself to a fire others will spend their entire lives trying to ignite.

Yes, it will get hard.
Yes, it will feel lonely sometimes.
Yes, 99% of others will NEVER know what it took for you to become…

You are single-handedly creating a world where little girls are allowed to be fierce, strong, happy, free and lit up.

You are forging the path so that others who have strayed can find their way back home.

You are the savvy woman.
To you we owe a debt of gratitude which will never be repaid.

You are the 1%.
You are the strength for you family and every soul that crosses your path.

You LEAN IN when others contract.
You bravely leap where others settle in.
You face it to look it in the eye where others turn away.
You say NO where no is not acceptable.
You say “I already have” when someone say’s you can’t.
You hold hope and vision when others are angry and scared.
You call yourself to hope when you feel alone.
Call yourself to greatness when you feel terrified.
Call yourself to limitlessness when you feel unworthy.
You give LOVE when you have so many scars you carry.

Each day brings new lessons, heartbreak and WINS.. and you fearlessly take each one and spin it to deeper wisdom and strength.

You are the pulse that brings life to the world.
You are the hope for the daughter’s tomorrow.
You are permission for everyone else to do the same.

Your effect is immeasurable and you will never truly know the level of impact you have created.

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It. Was. Always. YOU.

I love you with all my hears and soul #soulmates
Mandy xx