WHEN YOUR BUSINESS FEELS LIKE A BURDEN rather than the exciting thing it started out as... ? - Mandy Perry

You business is meant to be an extension of YOU.
It is not a job that you show up for to get a paycheck.
It is not a way to convince people to purchase or learn things.
It’s definitely not a way to make everyone happy.

It is you allowing your purpose to flow through you.
It is you SPEAKING YOUR TRUE VOICE on what you truly have to say.

It is you calling the world to more.
It is your destiny, your purpose, your legacy.

If you are feeling like your business is a means to an end…
If you are feeling “Just make the $30k this month, just make the $30k so I can go have fun..” You have gotten off course.

You business is your SELF EXPRESSION.

Imagine an artist that stopped creating and just started doing replicas of someone else’s work to just make $? How long do you think the passion for painting would last?

Our work is no different as a coach, thought leader, motivator or entrepreneur.

Today is a call for you to check in with yourself on the level of integrity you have with WHO YOU ARE BEING today.
Are you holding back the woo so the religious don’t get upset?
Are you holding back the religious so the woo don’t get upset?

Are you holding back a voice of sexuality?
Are you holding back a voice of FREEDOM?
Are you holding back a voice of EXPLORATION?
$, things, status, longings, celebrations, breakthroughs…. all things that tend to trigger the masses?

You are not here to be liked by masses, you are here to BE YOU.
ALL YOU – FULLY YOU – Lit the fk up YOU.

You are here to lead those who can hear your voice in the fog and expand in your energy.

We’re done fkg around now, we have work to do. ?#together

#savvy #soultruth #vulnerablepower

Love you
mandy xx