Hey mama's - Mandy Perry

You are doing fkg amazing.
Look at what your childhood was like, and you turned out amazing… how much better do your kids have it? Maybe someone does better at this or that… but this is YOUR journey not theirs.

This is the best you can do. You really have always ALWAYS done the very best you can.. AND IT IS ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

If you walk around defeated…. so will they.

You deserve to have everything you need in your life to make your longings a reality.

What do you need for support? It’s ok to have it.
You don’t need to wait UNTIL you do better before you back YOUR dreams.

There is nothing to fix.
No one is broken, everything is ok.

It’s just a bad habit of self judgement.

“Judgement is resisting what is.” (Tolle)

No more waiting.
No more self punishment.
No more “not enough” stories.

It’s time to let that go and enjoy your life.

I love you 
Mandy xx