I don’t mind owning that I am a genius... and here’s why.... ? ❤️? - Mandy Perry

You are a genius, you know it… yet you have so many other people around you who doubt that you can really make your dreams happen.

I’m a genius at helping people make money REALLY FAST AND SIMPLY. #queenofsimple

Not everyone- but the go getters.
The ones who have passion and fire, and are willing to do things SIMPLY.

When I own that I am absolutely brilliant at this, when I tell you bluntly that I have scaled from ground zero with no experience to $1.5 MM in 3 years flat… it’s not to look cool….


1. There isn’t enough space for my doubt plus your doubts. I go first. I do the work to clear my own doubts and limitations so that there is a clear space for us to navigate yours. AND YOU FEEL THAT. You know I got you.

2. I become permission for you to do the same, so you can be that powerful safe space for your people.

Was it easy to own my shit? No. Most pure acts of love aren’t easy. So what. ? We never needed easy, just possible.

We do it because it’s what integrity looks like.

So next time someone tells you your vision is unrealistic, next time you want to downplay your ability, next time you want to play small…. remember these words….

It’s not in integrity to pretend, and it’s not ok to allow your doubts into the space where you are meant to lead.


Love you.
Mandy xx