Most people are so trapped in their MIND that the AWARENESS of unbelievable wealth and freedom is not available to them right now.

We deny the present moment and focus on the future.. with the current moment being basically a NUISANCE in the way of what we want.

We want financial freedom NOW.
We want time freedom NOW, and it’s annoying that we don’t have it yet.

But here is the thing… in THIS moment, here, now… something amazing could happen.. but you will miss it. You will miss it because you are too busy:

anticipating, thinking, remembering, daydreaming…

which creates FEAR as the underlying emotion.

So when a perfectly aligned opportunity comes to you, you are not at the level of power to step into it because you are not in your power.

You notice it, but have all these limiting stories born in the past or in the anxiousness of wanting the freedom NOW.
– I cannot afford it
– What if I fail?
– I need proof it will work
– I don’t know what to do
– What if I turn into a bad person?

From this same disempowered place you do not feel the power of whats available to you and you also cannot recognize your own limitless power.

Gahhhh! right?
So what’s a girl to do?

Like it or not, here it is…

You must take your focus AWAY from THINKING, and direct it to how you FEEL… WHAT IS SOUL SAYING.

Your transformation happens THROUGH your body, not away from it.. not thinking your way through.

When soul says HELL YES, go for it… the brain will always say no. The brain will say NO to ANYTHING (literally) that is not familiar.

Our work is literally to blindly leap when soul says yes.
Very few will ever have the courage to do this, let alone KEEP doing it and stay the course when we are tested… but this IS the path to wild overflows of abundance.

It. Was. Always. You.

Love you,
Mandy xx