THIS STORY BLEW MY MIND... and fired me up ??? - Mandy Perry

I am broken for the hatred, the fear and ignorance that is plaguing this country and this world.

Race, status, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs.. they mean nothing. There is nothing different about any one human to another that makes one soul more valuable than another.

Except we don’t recognize it the way a fish doesn’t know of the ocean.
We ENVY, control, HATE, judge, SEPARATE, and hurt each other..

How completely insane for your right hand to not recognize your left hand.


about a war between Germans and English.. and how on Christmas day, they actually stopped battling and they came and met with each other. They helped each other bury the dead. They sang, ate and cried together.

Hitler was furious when he found out as this was a long time heated rivalry on an important battle line being held.

The book I was reading was explaining how two things happened.. how both the Germans and English were taught to hate each other.. from a young age, to how they ended up seeing that they were BOTH THE SAME, and against all astonishingly high odds, broke through the hatred and saw each other as THE SAME.

A small summary is this..
Being in close proximity to each other, small unspoken agreements began to happen. And long story made short through the same felt emotions, the moments over and over of seeing the other person felt like them and did things similar to them at the same time as them .. humanity broke through.

I just cried.
I wish the whole world could have witnessed this.


I can’t explain the whole thing, but ONE person started this with an enthusiasm to sing carols to the “enemy” on Christmas day, and it caught fire.

You have NO IDEA who you are healing, encouraging and helping breakthrough hatred and fear when you speak your truth and do so with VIGOR AND CONVICTION.

There are so many things that are NOT ok happening and we really need to wake up.. ESPECIALLY US… the ones who feel called to change the world.. because as they say.. the ones who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, are the ones who ACTUALLY DO.

Here is a small example of what I mean:
The internet (including Fb) is designed to feed you top articles and information based on what it knows you prefer? (Because an enjoyable experience matters more than a conviction to broad truth telling)

EX: Someone who googles BBC world news or speak about it (yes your phone actually is listening to you lol)… when they search a topic .. their TOP ARTICLES are completely different than what gets pulled up when you are a Fox news listener??

Same as what floods your news feeds on social media… as time is passing people are becoming more and more isolated in their exposure thus creating ignorance..

I was shocked to see & learn this.

I don’t know how others feel, but I for one am not ok with accidentally becoming ignorant when my INTENTION is to become more aware of what is really happening on this planet, and I for DAMN sure don’t need any help from anyone else feeling scared of my brothers and sisters on the planet.

Here is my call for today..

1. Check in.. what and who are you afraid of.. it’s ok.

I was afraid of black people for a long time. They felt so different and I didn’t know how to speak to them. Makes me chuckle today, but had I not had the courage to educate myself and become friends with THE SAME HUMAN with different history and different skin tone, I’d not have outgrown this.

Muslims? Gay? Christians? Rich people? Men?

We literally are EXACTLY IDENTICALLY ALL THE SAME when broken down into matter.

2. It’s time to get educated. You need to be watching other news sources, engaging with people who feel different, learning about topics that you’d never think to learn about or that scares you because you are afraid it will make you think or feel differently. And if you have the means.. TRAVEL. If not try to be open minded when you speak to people who DO travel a lot. (Maybe check out Melinda Gates new book The Moment of Lift)

3. Have the courage to explore what PISSES YOU OFF. It’s ok to feel the sense of overwhelm that this outrages you and you cannot fix it. We simply feel it, let it go and tune in… what is the aligned action to be the woman I feel called to be.

We don’t have to worry about where it will all end up, we just keep being TODAY who we choose to be, and when we are 95 and look back.. it will all have led up to an incredible life that likely changed the entire world, and you may never ever know to what extent.

It’s time to stop crapping around, being stuck in our little world and beliefs and begin to have the courage to challenge things, within and outwardly.

I’d love to hear below, anything you are aware of that is keeping people trapped in ignorance, any resources that have helped you breakthrough (BBC news app is a huge one for me!!)and also .. anything you feel passionate about changing or impacting.

This will only take 3 minutes, if even.. and may help someone else have massive breakthrough… also, if this resonates, please share to your social media so we can spread the valuable resources and information!

Love you

Mandy xx
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My deep desire is to get the heart centered people ready to heal the world #together arm in arm in positions of strength, financial overflow and time freedom.

I have many resources, options and connections.

Nothing is any easier tomorrow than today. It’s time to step into our true power. Never before has there been a time like this.

Reach out even if you’re not sure what you need. I will help you figure that out.

If one can, ALL CAN. ❤️??
Love you