THE most important thing in your business..... - Mandy Perry

The moment someone else believes in themselves enough to invest in their growth… it’s so sacred, so beautiful.

Your first running joke with your tribe.

The moment you fail your team miserably and feverishly hack online looking for how to run a company and you begin to expand your mind around culture, hiring, and evolving your machine.

Your first big investment in yourself.

The moments clients reach out to tell you how much you have changed their life.

The moment you see someone have a huge shift, massive breakthrough, healing…

The moments you see joy begin to build in your tribe, in your clients…

The moments you get to reflect their greatness back to them..

Them moments you HAVE the words to say to call them to more..


There is NOTHING more important than cherishing the incredible moments that happen in your business.

You are living your true purpose.
Not many know the high of the aligned life.
We are so wildly blessed beyond measure.

Take the time to feel the awe and amazement of this journey.
It wasn’t so long ago that you dreamed a life could be 1/2 this amazing.

Love you
Mandy xx