We desire intimate connection.. true, raw, open connection. ?❤️? - Mandy Perry

The kind that is unencumbered by intrusive thoughts about our belly, thighs, breath… by what he thinks, what she needs.. am I taking too long to climax, is she ready for me to climax, does this hurt her, does this turn him on…

etc etc.

Tracking with me?

What stops this deep intimate connection??
Your brain.
Your thoughts.
Your insecurities, fears, lack of ability to let go and feel pleasure.

Your doubt that you are enough, that you know enough.
Your worry of how it will all work out 6 months from now, 6 years from now.
What happened yesterday.
An accumulation of experiences in other intimate moments driving the story about what intimacy means, what pain could come from it.

Are you a good person or a bad person for wanting it.
Are you worthy to ask for what you like?
Are you worthy to state what you dislike?

IT IS THE EXACT SAME LIVING YOUR PURPOSE and building your business for impact.


Love you
Mandy xx