You are not how many followers you have - Mandy Perry

You are not how many followers you have
You are not how many likes you get

You are not your mistakes
You are not your job
You are not your income
You are not your looks
You are not your weight

You are not the sum of your grades
You are not your parents
You are not your religion

You ARE NOT THE WORDS others use to describe you through your life

You are not supposed to be like her
You aren’t the worth that he treated you as

You are enough.
You really actually truly ARE ENOUGH.
You always were.
You always will be

You can’t mess that up.
You can’t become unworthy, you are not powerful enough to undo that.

You are perfectly beautiful EXACTLY AS YOU ARE.

Your voice is powerful enough
Your body is sexy enough
Your wisdom is deep enough
Your presence is wanted.
You do belong.

You deserved the best and you deserve it NOW.
You deserve wild unbridled passion.
You deserve unlimited FREEDOM.

Voice your thoughts.
Speak your feelings.
Assert your needs.

You are enough.. and you are allowed to walk away from anyone or anything that makes you feel otherwise ?❤️?

Love you
Mandy xx