THE MAGIC BEHIND HAVING OVERFLOW rather than just enough each month ? - Mandy Perry

You show up each month and make sure whatever needed to come in comes in.
When you get ahead a bit you finally sit back and relax and take a “break”.

Only, these breaks are the reason you slide back to needing to show up so big just to meet your goals again.

When you have been used to having to show up really big just to pay the bills, just to be sure everything is ok.. you have wired your brain to AVOID PAIN, aka… survival.

This is not something that motivates us to show up.
And a matter of fact.. what it creates is a pattern of showing up big, getting through and then sliding back to a desperate situation… because it’s the ONLY way you know how to get yourself to really show up.

Because you do not yet know how to be driven by desire.

There are two ways that we will show up LIT UP and create out dream life:
1. Have-to, have no choice. Survival. Avoid pain.
2. Desire. THRIVING.

And there is a third way.. where we put our ass on the line in a way we can’t back out of TO GAIN DESIRES..

It’s incredibly powerful to learn to lock in your desire for motivation. You will magically show up and do things you wouldn’t before because the resistance that was there is gone.

But learning to trigger the primal drive/ have-to while scaling rather than moving backwards is UNBELIEVABLE.

The standard is: we get to have massive overflow.

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I hope this serves you well 

Love you
Mandy xx