Each morning I sit down and scan my life.
My day.
My moments.

What landed on me?
What am I learning?
What am I grateful for right now that is making my life amazing?

Then I begin to type.
I never really know what I am going to say.

This morning I woke up and relaxed and watched some Netflix… which I NEVER do in the morning.

Then I went down to breakfast here at the hotel and someone did something that surprised me, pleasantly.

And it got me thinking..

We are so so nervous of pleasure.
What if we never get it?
What if we do and then screw it up?
What if we get it and don’t know how to handle it?
What if it changes us?

What if we have so much pleasure that we turn into a self absorbed, superficial, ignorant creature? GAHH!!

We are hilarious.

LIFE is meant to be PLEASURABLE.
It’s safe to DESIRE what you truly desire.

I desire for my kids to have an experience of being LOVED unconditionally for whoever they are and whoever they become in my home and in my presence.

I desire deeply to be a woman of INTEGRITY and HONESTY. I desire to block all and any influence that pulls me away from the FIRE that burns within me to co-create wealth and happiness for as many as I can.

I desire an epic man who makes me feel safe, known, special, wanted, and who contributes to me being the kind of woman who changes the world.

I desire to be free to roam the planet with people I love, and frolic, play and get to know other cultures.

I desire to be so crazy smart that every moment is a moment of awe as 1000’s of little pieces of knowledge all meld together to awaken joy of life in such a way that I grin.. always just grin, laugh and absorb.

I desire to be surrounded by other wildly powerful, smart and LIT UP people to do life with and work together to heal the MOST people we can, the most POWERFULLY we can.

I desire more time with my mother & sister.. I have been slowly creating a vision of us 3, my daughter and my niece all waking up in a glass igloo Finland going on a hunt for my mamas family members there.

I desire to experience a moment where I make a $30MM decision.

I desire a bubble butt. HAHAHAH #truthteller

I desire to be surrounded by flowers, so many flowers all of the time. Every color and every type.

I desire to employ more people, and to learn to be more organized for them (magically of course) and to lead them well in a way where they feel SO IMPORTANT and safe working in my company.

I desire passion. Vulnerability. Raw, open communication. Truth telling. Full acceptance of one another. Deep real connection.


When you truly allow yourself to OWN your desires, you will set a course for greatness, and you will show up powerfully for it as well.

#desirepower #truepotential

Love you
Mandy xx