Self-confidence doesn’t come from having:
$ in the bank..
The perfect body
The best social media photos
The most likes
The most powerful copy
The Chanel bag
The Mercedes
The most beautiful home…

Not even almost.

Self-confidence comes from doing REALLY HARD SHIT, over and over.

It comes from keeping your word to yourself when no one is watching.

It comes from telling the truth and SHIFTING back into integrity over and over simply because it’s right.

It comes from daring to say the thing others may not agree with.
It comes from the courage to BE different. Sound different. Look different… BECAUSE THIS IS WHO YOU TRULY ARE… not because it fits in.

You will not experience TRUE FREEDOM until you begin to step into the deepest truest version of you that you are being called to.

Those ahead of you felt scared they would be ostracized for being wildly different too – that didn’t stop them and now you admire them.

Those ahead of you were scared to dream BIG and call themselves to more RADICALLY… but that didn’t stop them.

Those ahead of you wondered if they were being greedy by having it all… but that didn’t stop them.

I am one of the most confident women in the world.
– I do not have the perfect body.
– I am far from the smartest.
– I use selfies to build my business because I hate photo sessions.
– I wear sweatpants in public all the time.
– My hormones are going through some kind of fun adventure and it makes my skin like a teenager.
– I wear yesterday’s makeup until 3pm all the time.

I joined a $25k program just off of welfare while I made $400 a week with ZERO clue how I would make it all work.. while others making $100k a year felt they didn’t have the $.

I quit my associate’s PTA, my BA of Nursing, University for Neuro Psyc…

I quit my job and launched my coaching business with zero evidence it would be successful.

I set brave boundaries and let people go even when I felt the MOST alone.

I looked at my deepest fears, my most shameful moments, the circumstances that make me feel guilty in the eye…

I joined Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership without ever attending a live event.

I am wildly obedient to my soul.. even when I’m not POSITIVE it’s soul.
Even when I have zero clue how it could possibly all work out.

I am confident because:

I give my very best when all I want to do is quit and shrink back.

I trust myself to LEAD and not FOLLOW.
I trust myself to say YES MA’AM to soul when it says “leap NOW!”

I know I am a force for GOOD because I am lead by a deeper higher mission than what I can get for me.

I give myself every little thing I desire BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I WANT FOR YOU AND I GO FIRST.

I forgive myself for every single shitty, stupid thing I ever did because THAT’S WHAT I WANT FOR YOU, my kids, my mom, dad and family…and the world… AND I GO FIRST.

I speak my voice loudly because I know that’s what the world needs from you and I GO FIRST.

Time does not need to pass for you to choose to BE HER NOW.
There is a part of you untouched by every and all things that have ever happened and you have access to that part of you NOW.

It’s time to stop thinking small, half-assing and wasting so much time in the 80% of the BS that doesn’t sustainably hit your goals.

Here is my morning question for you…
Are you going to keep focusing on YOU and what you are and are not.. and let your self-obsessed ways STOP you from truly healing the world?
Are you ready to be BRAVE AF.. literally defy all of the odds stacked against you that you will ever be wildly, outrageously wealthy and impact millions, and SHOW THE FK UP to the level you KNOW DAMN well you are called to?

Time is the one thing you can never get back.
We are NOW done HOPING we will leave our legacy.
We are done hesitating, waiting for proof, waiting for someone’s permission, playing it safe and aking it about us.

Doubting your greatness is NOT HUMILITY…
Humility is setting aside your doubts to show the fk up because that’s what you are called to do.

It’s time.
It was ALWAYS YOU. And you know it.

I love you.
Mandy xx