I'VE BECOME A WUSS... - Mandy Perry

It’s true.
It’s embarrassing.. and also just so beautiful.

I have become weak.
How epic is this?
How could the girl who put on her armor every single day.. the girl who was a Marine, a roofer, ran 10 miles a day, studied 6 hours a day, pushed hard to be able to go 15 hour days straight with no break… HAVE BECOME WEAK…?

I felt safe for the first time in my life.
I felt fkg SAFE.

I was ok.
The kids were ok.
I was in a healthy environment, in my beautiful home, single, with $ in the bank.

I was happy.
I was surrounded by epic people doing life BIG cheering me on… and my hypothesis is that my nervous system did a BIG FAT EXHALE.

How insanely beautiful is that???!!!
*Cue tears of gratitude

But now, here I am… faced with a year of 10+ days of travel a month, running a global company as a single mother of two.. at events that go until 2am.


I feel called to buck up, show up, step up and grow up, yet again. BUT THIS TIME IT IS SO VERY DIFFERENT.

Last time I felt called to feel worthy, believe in myself, shake off the old welfare, stupid blond girl, work through the doubts that I was greedy or sinning.

I felt called to receive.
To set boundaries.
To say goodbye to people that didn’t belong in my safe circle.
To learn to be supported.
To feel valued.
To be clear who it was I wanted to be in this world.

I went through a phase of me me me… and I needed to.
I owned my power, I learned to feel I deserve expensive things, 1st class flights, and other VIP things…

I healed so much.
And… I also outgrew this version of me.

The immature feminine needs to feel SIGNIFICANT.
I needed this phase of life to heal the parts of me desperate to feel safe.
Desperate to feel I belonged and wouldn’t hurt people.
Desperate to feel GOOD.

The immature feminine needs to be the VIP, the mature woman knows she’s here to serve, and VIP is a natural byproduct of giving to life.

When your intention is to GET for YOU – you will be rewarded at one level. We need this period, it is not to be judged.

When your intention is to get for US, me… the kids.. my family and tribe… you will be rewarded at another level… we need this phase, it is not to be skipped or judged.

And when your intention is to serve the planet, everyone, to BE someone who heals the planet, to BE the human you feel called to be deep in your soul… you are rewarded at a whole new level.

The journey is the journey.
The more we resist the phase we are in the more we linger.

What would your life look like if you were STRENGTHENING your soul, your body, your mind… to SERVE, rather than to protect or get?

What would it feel like to freely receive inflow rather than needing to drive and push?
What if you trusted the process deeply?
What if you understood that needing to BE the VIP is a byproduct of needing significance because YOU truly do not give yourself the significance you need to let others feel like the VIP around you?

You get to have every single thing your little heart desires, and as you allow yourself to receive, you will be called to strengthen, to step the fk up and let your OVERFLOW expand to the planet.

It’s time to strengthen.
It’s time to step the fk up.
It’s time to own your power.
It’s time to walk away from the armor and let your heart be the protection you desire.
It’s time to TUNE IN TO YOUR HEART and let this guide you.
It’s time to be BRAVE AF.

You do not need to find your significance in fame, power or fortune… you find it by BEING who you know you are here to BE, keeping your word to yourself, following through daily on what you feel called to do and SERVING from the heart.

My call to us today, arm in arm, is to FULLY SURRENDER TO WHAT IS, tune IN, feel from HEART what our next move is, and be obedient. In this, you will discover ALL you long for.

In this, you will be raised.
POWER FLOWS TO THOSE WHO SERVE and YOUR LIFE CHANGES THE MOMENT… the very MOMENT you make a new and congruent decision.

No time needs to pass.
WHO are we going to be tribe?
The human who demands to be the VIP, seeks the validation and significance… or the human who goes IN, knows who the fk we are and lets every human around us feel like the VIP out of sheer overflow of the aligned life???

I’m ready to recondition and strengthen out of joy, excitement and the deep desire to serve.

Love you so much,
Mandy xx