Awh ... my incredibly perceptive tribe, y’all are so wildly gifted! - Mandy Perry

I am out of the hospital. Temp is down to 102.7

I am feeling frustrated that the old pattern of getting sick when I up-level still shows up every now and again .. yet, I surrender to where I am at and enjoy the powerful lessons coming through.

I feel I am being called to the most important level I have ever been called to… to learn to serve you more powerfully.

I had this memory… (like most of you, I do not remember much of my childhood) but I remember this, My earliest memory… and I am in awe at the wisdom pouring into me as I slow down to feel out what I am meant to learn.

I was on a tricycle riding from one apartment to another in the complex as my parents carried boxes. We were moving. I looked up at my parents as we rode int the sunshine and I noticed joy. I remember taking note of this moment as I was shocked. THAT IS THE MOMENT I LOCKED IN… HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE and it became my standard.

This is when I became who I am today.. a woman whose standard is HAPPINESS. period. We get to be happy, happiness is possible.

It’s why I’ve left relationships.
It’s why I left the church I was raised in… and dismissed teachings/traps that produced fear in me.
It’s why I quit programs in school over and over.
It’s why I have scaled in my business so fast.

I always knew genuine happiness was possible.
And now I have it.

I also noted.. at this moment, how God was ALWAYS up-leveling us. It’s one thing to know God protects us and takes care of us, but it is a whole other world to know he LIFTS US, RAISES US, and UP-LEVELS US because he loves us THAT much.

And all that is required is to give him permission. (maybe to you God is a woman, maybe you identify it as Universe.. whatever you identify with… permission is required.)

So there I sat bawling.. finally surrendering and allowing him to take care of me and RAISE me to a much more powerful level…

and I felt the call inside to open my heart just a bit more for a man to do the same. Tears. So many tears.

I realized the story is.. a man who is in his power is much to powerful and I will get trapped. He will have too much power and I won’t be able to get out. TRAPPED.. a wildly familiar feeling. I have spent 39 years trying to run away from trapped, and find true freedom.

I DO I whispered.
I do give permission God.
I DO I said out loud.
I DO open my heart to you and a man to take care of me.
I DO I shouted… I DO I DO I DO!!!

I felt so many pieces of stiff rigid fears dropping off of my heart. I felt a softening. I felt joy. I felt safe. I felt open.

We truly are allowed to be happy.. “The right to the pursuit of happiness.”
God not only wants to take care of you… he/she wants to RAISE YOU, pour wild blessings on you and up-level you as high as you will allow.
And no one has the power to trap you unless you are available to be trapped. (I understand the gravity of what I am saying.. and I mean every single word.)

Wealth is about COURAGE.
Love requires RECEIVING.
Happiness requires STANDARDS.
Freedom requires BRAVERY.

I love you.
TY for the well wishes.
TY for your grace.

Mandy xx