What if it really truly is ALL FOR US?
What if when we get sick it is a call for awareness to something greater.

What if those 3 low money months are preparing us to be strong enough to handle the $30MM decision that will need to be made in the near future?

What if when we wake up after an entire week of not getting done what we said was so important… is seasoning for you to know exactly what you do NOT want to feel… which leads to the most prolific discoveries on what you DO want to feel?

What if not being the daughter/son that we long to be was the very pain we needed to experience to finally set the boundaries that allow us to feel safe engaging and supporting the people we love?

What if all of our shitty numbing that took us away from our kids/purpose was the very source of our HUNGER that drove us to be an example to them of resilience.. and it changed their lives forever because they saw the transformation with their own eyes?

What if we don’t know jack shit… and in this moment it’s safe to exhale…. it was never on us. All we ever needed to do was keep being BRAVE and let our purpose flow through us?

This is ALWAYS exactly where we were meant to be.
It was never going to be graceful lol… I don’t care what it looks like on social media… it’s all BS. It’s far from graceful.

Real raw true transformation is built with blood, sweat, and tears, and rewarded with freedom, joy, and wonder.

It’s time to defy the odds. AGAIN.
I love you
Mandy xx