>>> By coming into our full presence and aligning with the natural forces of evolution we can tap into limitless power in pursuit of noble goals

It’s becoming very clear where we are headed.. women are taking on roles of power. (This is just as confusing a time for men as it is women.)

Most women are FEMININE in their core, and are being expected to show up predominantly masculine in their work. (The illusion of the “HOW”) ?

We are feeling this harshness in our souls and we are weary of it.

100 years ago women had no vote.

Things are changing SO RAPIDLY.

THEY WILL CHANGE.. this story that we must all lead from the OUTSIDE IN is no longer viable. It has had its day.

The new energy is regenerative, co-operative
creative & empathetic. ?❤️?

It is doing life together.

This is not a man – woman thing, it is a RISING to the new level of human being by embracing the core feminine power… MEN & WOMEN ALIKE.

This isn’t about the end of man and the rise of women… it is about embracing both equally for the first time in millennia.

God this is exciting… and how blessed we are to be here, in this time period with the opportunity to tap into this limitless power & pursue our heart-centered noble goals!!!

It’s time to RISE.
Are you ready to tap into your true power and serve like this world has never seen?

Me too. #together 40 days of massive scaling and momentum.

Love you