Quiet reflections by the fireplace. - Mandy Perry
Searching my heart.
Tears of joy with clients.
Celebrations with family.
Client calls while walking in the beautiful FL weather.
Becoming a bit wiser on the new vegan lifestyle and what fuels my body well.
Loud music, dancing, and tears.
Connections with old and new friends.
Deep soul cry with God asking for his grace to help me become the woman I feel called to be.
Vulnerable truths told.
Hard boundaries drawn.
Celebrations for $ pouring in effortlessly as I learn to serve better.
And a soak in ginger salt bath clearing the energy and opening space for the new writing whatever is wanting to come through.
This isn’t fancy, it’s not expensive and it’s not socially deemed as luxury…. but this is pure ecstasy and luxury to me.
The time, space and energy to go deep and learn to become a better mother, daughter, sister, friend, coach, woman, leader….. is everything.
Cheers to the things that truly matter, while we easily receive all the things that don’t lol ??❤
Love you,
Mandy xx