It’s the MOMENTS that truly matter - Mandy Perry
Life is so much more incredible than I could have ever come up within my wildest dreams!!
I think of telling the welfare mom struggling to put food on the table just a few short years ago that she would have this life and I just belly laugh!
It is such a massive change in such a short time looking back, but in the moments it felt PAINSTAKINGLY SLOW.
My life has changed one step at a time.
One decision at a time.
One brave leap at a time.
I am just so filled with gratitude ? for each and every moment that I have had an opportunity to be a better woman and leave the impact I am leaving.
> Giving my children a life I never even imagined as a child.
> Creating magical incredible moments for the people I love.
> Having the time and space to learn, heal and grow.
> Having the freedom and means to travel the world and learn from the most incredible minds of our time… and pass it all down to my clients.
Feeling it is ALL possible…
Feeling everyone I love is safe and well taken care of…
Feeling so much awe and joy it literally takes my breath away…
Feeling the expansion, excitement and deep joy of this unbelievable life.
Thank you for doing life with me. ? It is my absolute honor and privilege to be in this time, and this life with YOU.
I love you. ??
Mandy xx
Dream bigger.
Bigger still.
Bigger stillll.
Bigger yet still.