What if I told you that it was the QUESTION you are asking that is holding you back from monetizing yourself with very little effort to it?? - Mandy Perry

If you could truly understand WHY you aren’t experiencing ease of creating programs, people wanting to buy them, and do life with you in this journey… you could launch to the stratosphere, right?

You just need to understand WHY it isn’t happening right?
WHAT is stopping you from RISING to your next level yes?

ok… this is why…
You are focused on HOW to do it… and not WHO you need to be to make the HOW happen.

It’s not that how doesn’t matter.. it does. Strategy is amazing. Understanding social media platforms are amazing… and I will teach you every single bit of it in the Digital Revolution coming up…. but if we don’t get THIS part, that is largely for NOT.

When your potential client can understand WHY they are experiencing what they are experiencing… they FEEL…
“OMG, you’re so right.. that really is WHY this is happening!”
“OMG… I see it now. If Mandy understands WHY this is happening, she must know HOW to help me get to the other side.”
“Omg, I want this… I’m in.. where do I sign up.”

This is valuable simplified marketing, very much heart-centered and integrity-driven… THEY FEEL that but it doesn’t mean they will move forward with you.

YOU COULD TYPE MY EXACT WORDS WITH MY EXACT SALE AND IT WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU… which is why… if you ask my clients, I hold nothing back. I always give until it triggers me and then vastly beyond that. Why not. You cannot BE ME. But you can be YOU.


Tracking with me?
NOW.. for the magic..
In order for this to resonate in the sale and be real to our tribe… WE MUST BE DIFFERENT.


Your blogs and lives will be flat and silly unless you are RISING as a human.

Your ability to teach them WHY will be confused and unseasoned unless you are challenging yourself to grow… unless you have ACTUALIZED as a human being yourself.

WHEN we do this work.. when we call ourselves to RISE, to GROW to:
– open ourselves up to experiences that change our view, challenge old beliefs
– take radical responsibility of our lives
– keep our word to ourselves and others
– own our true power and ability – LIMITLESSNESS
– make commitments we cannot back from*****
– leap way before we feel ready
– stay in containers where others live this way
– live in true deep integrity

… this is when all the success happens rapidly.
THIS IS HOW I WENT GLOBAL & hit half-million my FIRST year with ZERO business experience, just coming off of welfare.

When we live life this way it changes how people FEEL around us, how they respond to us and what action they take… and as your business is a direct extension of you … your business will RESPOND to this change dramatically.

The work I am here to do together, side by side, with those ready … is to create a container where you will see, hear, feel and experience RISING to this level and VASTLY beyond as a way of doing life. A container where you rapidly RISE to the you that is magnetic to the people you serve.

Clients will sometimes express their frustration that the time spent with me shouldn’t be on “being” things, and they want to use it for the “doing” things.. and I get to lovingly teach them THIS… and each time, their lives soar, their income explodes, their joy overflows…

They become someone who is magnetic to their tribe, impacts countless lives and enjoys the journey to the point we wonder if there is a cap to JOY.. or can it really honestly just keep getting so much better !!!

I know it takes an element of faith, but more-so .. MATURITY to accept that this is actually about BECOMING, and not about doing the task.


>> ? We will not RISE to our next level being entitled trying to figure out the “exact task list” to make $1MM online working 3 hours a week… if that was real I’d be selling the task list for $2MM right now lol. ? <<


This is a journey to answer the call to RISE, and being willing to trust the process as we allow ourselves to be blessed tremendously along the way.

>> To those ready to let go of the magic pill quest and show up for the call…

>> To those ready to do life intentionally and with excellence..

>> To those who have the courage to be OPEN to new things that may feel destabilizing as you challenging old built-in beliefs that hold you back…

>> To those who have the grit to DO IT UNTIL

>> To the brave souls who dare to BELIEVE they can have the kind of life that makes you cry tears of JOY and awe every single day out of gratitude for how incredible life is…

>> To those ready to mature into the human who is willing to suck until you are amazing…

>> To those who are absolutely committed to being everything you could possibly become for those you love…

For those who have the courage to believe THIS is the moment everything changed…

Welcome home. ?
I’ve got you.
I love you

Mandy XX