As I lock in lessons from 2019... - Mandy Perry

I realize I was out of integrity far more than I realized… ??? it was hard to look at.. but I feel so much gratitude to see it. 

(I forgive myself, hiding nothing, and allow myself to be called to the next level, even though my #human wants to hide these things. ) 

Humility – I’ve grown a lot here but a part of me feels safe believing I am smarter than the average bear ?

Giving credit where credit is due- I believed I was solid here but there is a new level I am being called to. Both in collaborative energy and in being mindful enough to remember the author’s name, lock in which coach said it, etc…to be able to give credit. I’ve been a bit careless and giving excuses. 

Goodness – I have been flying through life a bit and have not been enriching the lives of my loved ones the way I truly desire. 

Trustworthiness – ouch. Sometimes I say I’ll do something and then I don’t and haven’t always made it right when I didn’t ?????

And keeping my word to myself to a level of complete excellence (even the silent promises) … I have to rearrange my whole schedule and be a lot more careful about what I allow to be part of my world. There is too much on each day… and each time I don’t follow through on the smallest of things, I build momentum to not follow through on the next. 

I feel these have shifted greatly
I feel I see them crystal clear
I feel ready to rise to this calling

Let the RISING continue… 


I love you
Mandy xx